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How To Increase Your Cycling Power With Low Cadence Training.

1- How To Develop A Stronger Upper Body On The Bike.

Cadence is the number of revolutions of your cranks per minute, while torque (measured in Newton-meters) is the amount of force you put on the pedals. Low cadence and high torque makes up the concept of low cadence training or as Ivan Basso and others used to call it SFR (slow frequency revolutions). Basso in action -

The low rpm’s create a scenario that allows you to pedal with high torque (high force). This extra torque requires more muscle fiber activation to push the cranks around, thus being great for strength training.

2- Improve Pedalling Stroke

Every cyclist should work on pedaling at a lower cadence, as it will help you ride more easily and get the most out of your workout. By practicing pedaling in circles with a low cadence, you can identify areas where you need to improve strength and technique, which will allow you to pedal faster and more efficiently! Here are some tips :

3- Stay in control

When you are riding a bike, low cadence can be used to improve performance. Low cadence allows you to stay within your physical zones when the terrain changes and forces you to ride above your limit. For example, if there is a steep pinch and you try to ride at the higher cadence that you normally ride at, it will push you above your threshold climbing zone and your heart rate will go north of where you'll want it. Lowering your cadence on the climb will help you keep momentum. This is because a low cadence allows you to use your lower physical zones, while still maintaining the same power output. This approach will hit the neuromuscular system, which will require less oxygen, however it creates more neuromuscular fatigue, reduced lactate clearance, and an increased dependence on fast-twitch muscle fibers. It's a fine balance between low cadence and high cadence work, which is always situational based for ana athlete.

4- keeping Speed

Low cadence does not have to mean slow speed. By applying high torque through a low cadence, you can maintain speed and even increase it as you go up in gears. If you want to learn more about maintaining riding speed or any other tips, feel free to hit us up over at instagram.

We are more than happy to answer any of your questions in more detail.

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